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LIS Congress

LIS Congress is the annual conference of LIS students and practitioners all over the country.

Outreach Projects

UP LISSA conducts outreach projects that promotes literacy, freedom of information, and the love for reading.

The LISSA Blog

The LISSA Blog (TLB) is the official blog of LISSA resident members and alumni that focuses on LIS issues in the academic, professional, and social context.

LISSA Digital Library

This digital library is a collection of lecture presentations and readings from SLIS courses and the LIS Congress. Access is exclusive for LISSA resident members and alumni.

About us

An overview of UP LISSA
We are the premier academic organization in UP SLIS

Founded in 1962, UP LISSA is a duly recognized academic organization of the University of the Philippines Diliman. For the past 50 years, the organization has constantly been in the forefront of student service through its various projects and activities.
Successful events organized by UP LISSA include a series of volunteerism and outreach activities in and around the University, skills development workshops, semestral alternative classroom learning experience seminars, and conferences for students and professionals in the field of library and information studies.
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  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • True Librarianship

Executive Committee

The leaders behind our projects
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Jan Alexis Lu

The President heads the executive committee and the overall operation of the organization.
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Warren Gutierrez

Executive Secretary
The Executive Secretary manages all pertinent documents and records of the organization.
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Daniel Paulo Dela Cruz

Internals Committee Head
The Internals Committee attends to the internal affairs of the organization and conducts projects which will strengthen the organization’s camaraderie and staff development.
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Peter Rai Legazpi

Externals Committee Head
The Externals Committee attends to the external affairs of the organization, and develops inter-organizational partnerships within and outside the university.
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Jonathan Alejo Valdez

Academics Committee Head
The Academics Committee focuses on the academic development of the members of the organization, and renders services for the academic excellence of LIS students.
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Megumi Sermense

Finance Committee Head
The Finance Committee manages the monetary resources of the organization, and creates income-generating projects for the organization’s causes.
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Dominique Gabrielle Sarza

Membership Committee Head
The Membership Committee handles recruitment and the application processes and programs.

Faculty Advisers

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